Pineau des Charentes is a sweet fortified wine produced on the land of Cognac. This is a mistelle.


Its discovery is the result of chance and dates back to a little bit more than four centuries. In 1589, a winemaker from Charente Maritime, poured inadvertently grape juice in a barrel which already contained some eau-de-vie of Cognac. A few weeks later, when he opened the barrel, he was surprised to discover a product that had kept its natural flavor of the fruit. Pineau des Charentes was born.


Nowadays we are keeping this long everlasting tradition in our family estate.

We harvest our grapes always by hand and then we press them gently to obtain a pure and clear grape juice with 10% sugar minimum. This juice is then blended with eau-de-vie from the past year in order to obtain the new fresh Pineau that has to age for a minimum of 8 months before its selling.

Pineau Blanc is made from white grapes juice that we have on our estate : Ugni Blanc and Colombard but we often use grape juice from red grapes like Merlot and Cabernet. We must age it for at least 18 months before selling it, so that it will be rich with flavours coming from the barrel : vanilla, notes of almonds or dried fruits.

Pineau Rouge is made with red grapes juice that we can easily find in Bordeaux region: Merlot and Cabernet.

In order to keep its red ruby color over the years, we have to make maceration with the peel of the grapes that will give the final color to the end product. We can also make a color extraction directly in the eau-de-vie at 70%. Pineau Rouge can be sold after a 12 month ageing process. Flavors of red fruits like raspberry or blackcurrant can be easily tasted in the Pineau Rouge.



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